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Hi! My name is Janet Wickell and I’d like to welcome you to, a source for a growing number of quilt patterns and tutorials. Learn how to make a scrap quilt with the resources on this website and please do join our growing community on Facebook.

My quilt block and quilt patterns vary in style and in size, and include detailed instructions and illustrations — an experienced quilter may skip over some of the details, but complete ‘how to’ directions ensure that beginning quilters can successfully tackle any pattern. I always try to explain the reasons why we construct a quilt component in certain ways — not just how it’s done. That knowledge will help you each time you make a quilt.

2017 New Year’s Day Mystery Quilt

The 2017 Mystery Quilt clues are available now. Take a look at the mystery quilt pattern and refer to the bottom of each page to find new clues as they are added. The links on each page also lead you back to the pattern’s first page.


Frayed Sawtooth Star Quilt BlockFeatured Pattern — Frayed Sawtooth Stars

Frayed Sawtooth Stars can be scrappy and it can be sewn to appear very traditional or with a contemporary twist. The block finishes at 12″ x 12″. Right now some of the how-to links lead back to the About site — I’ll fix that right away as I rewrite instructions for

A Few Words About Scrap Quilt History

Scrap quilts are an all-time favorite type of quilt. Legend says that the majority of antique scrap quilts were frugal projects, made with bits and pieces of fabric that were left over from sewing clothing and other items. While that’s very likely true in many cases, especially for quilts made during difficult economic times, researchers think quilters of past generations enjoyed the challenge of combining fabrics just as much as we do today and likely raided their fabric stashes to design scrappy quilts with l of visual appeal.

More of Janet’s Patterns

From 2006 to 2016 I wrote the quilting website at You’ll find hundreds of my patterns and tutorials there, even though I’m writing strictly for myself now. Take a look at Quilting at to find my work.