Collectible Fabric License Plates for Quilters

draftYou’ve come to the right place to order Let’s Make Quilts collectible fabric license plates.

The plates are colorfast and printed on 100% organic cotton sateen fabric. Plates are about 7-1/4″ wide and 3-1/2″ tall.

My orders must be in increments of 48 plates, so there’s a bit of a lag between orders.

The fabric plates are not connected with the Row by Row experience plates, which are sold by quilt shops that participate in that event. The plates are exclusively mine and designed as a shout-out to the millions of quilters who connect online. They can be used in any way you like.

If you do not use PayPal, send an email to and I’ll give you a snail mail address where you can send a money order.

Plates are $6.00 each plus shipping costs. You can change the quantity after hitting the Buy Now button. Choose your country for shipping (I can add more countries as needed).

The receipt will say Skin Care at Blue Ridge Comforts because I use my PayPal Account for more than one purpose. Your account will probably list the transaction as JWICKELL.

The first batch of plates all went into the mail on September 17. The second batch is on order and is set for production the week of September 28. As of today, 9/18/15, there are still some plates available from that order. I’ll order more groups of 48 as needed — help me spread the word.