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Thank you for visiting, where you’ll find quilt patterns, quilt block patterns and articles that show you how to make a quilt. Some of the links will lead you to my other quilting site, at, where new patterns and tutorials are added every week. So takeĀ  time to explore, because you’ll find loads of easy quilts and quilts for babies, other quilts of all sizes and types, and quick projects that make perfect gifts.

Goshen Star Quilt Block PatternFind Your Next Quilting Project

You’ll find hundreds of quilt patterns in the following archives, from easy projects to more advanced designs. I try to write every pattern with detailed instructions and drawings, so that quilters of all skill levels can jump right in and create a quilt.

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Learn How to Make a Quilt

The following tutorials are filled with information that will help you make a quilt, from start to finish. They’re just a small sample of the many quiltmaking articles on my main Web site.

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Rag Quilt Basic Instructions
Learn How to Press Quilt Blocks
Fix Those Problem Quilt Blocks
How to Calculate Yardage
Mattress Sizes
Color Value for Quilters
Color Wheel Simplified
Learn to Sew Straight Borders
How to Cut Setting and Corner Triangles
All About Fabric Grain
Pre-Washing Pros and Cons
A Burn Test Helps You Identify Fabric

Do stop by and take a look at all of the resources and quilt patterns on my Quilting site, because there’s something for everyone.